We’ll partner with your family to teach your children not only ballet, but useful skills they will carry for life.



Our ballet classes are offered to children ages 6 and up. In our ballet class, our ballet instructors teach our students classical barre work, center floor techniques and positions. Ballet is a magnificent dance form that covers a wide range of areas including grace, discipline, posture and poise. From precisely controlled movements to impressive jumps and turns, your child will find ballet to be a delightful and interminable experience.


Ballet is a beautiful form of dance that helps develop posture, poise and grace. As a discipline, ballet assists in developing mental acuteness and physical coordination all while training a musical ear. As a great form of exercise, ballet builds cardiovascular stamina and strengthens muscles while expanding flexibility. The ballet dance instructors here at Augusta Youth School of Dance teach our little dancers the correct positions, body alignment and technique required to perform ballet beautifully and safely in a nurturing, encouraging environment. Our ballet classes are always fun and recreational.The ballet classes taught at Augusta Youth School of Dance teaches specific moves and promotes discipline in both our dancers’ minds and bodies, providing fun and exercise. Students enjoy learning things like classical barre work, positions and center floor techniques in front of the mirrors, and this helps develop their sense of awareness. While learning these disciplines, your child is also very active, and dance classes are a great way to instill the importance of daily exercise.


In our ballet classes, children absorb the ability to follow instructions as they learn how to control their bodies while they are in motion, increase their balance and their coordination. Through ballet – and all of our children’s dance classes – children also grow comfortable performing in front of an audience, and this is a skill that will help them through life.