Our hip hop dance instructors have designed fun and energetic classes for our students and look forward to helping your child progress in their dancing.



The hip hop classes at Augusta Youth School of Dance are designed for children ages 8 and up. This class is a fun way to amp up your energy level. In our hip hop classes, as in the jazz dance classes, children increase their dance progress while learning hip hop dance routines to fun, upbeat music. The hip hop classes are perfect for kids who are looking for fast-paced fun. In our hip hop classes, our dancers learn specially choreographed dances for our annual May recital.


Hip hop dancing encourages the development of improved skills through a more freestyle form of dancing.  Young dancers enjoy learning this athletic, energetic practice. Our hip hop dance classes are a great way to simply let go and dance without the limitations of classical dance techniques that are required in ballet and tap. Your child will not only learn a great form of dance, but they will also receive a fantastic workout while enjoying the hip hop classes offered at Augusta Youth School of Dance.


Hip hop dance is taught in a fun, active class environment that was designed to help with ongoing skill improvement in an highly enjoyable class. Our skilled dance teachers accomplish this by exposing our young dancers to all facets of motion. Each class progresses by teaching our students a new set of hip hop dance combinations and routines that are easy to follow. Then we work on putting them all together in a full dance routine to be performed in our spring recital.