Preschool Dance Classes

Our preschoolers are given the opportunity to choose their own costumes or colorful leotard at the beginning of class. They dance the entire class in their fabulous costumes while expressing their creativity.



Our preschool class is the perfect class for your little one! We offer both ballet and tap lessons to preschoolers. Here they will have so much fun learning through songs that teach dance terminology, different activities and in using fun props like canes, umbrellas and magic wands. They will also use fun items like pom-poms, hats, maracas and tambourines. We provide tutus and tiaras for students in our preschool dance classes. This class is also offered the opportunity to participate in our May recital.

The preschool dance classes, both ballet and tap, have been created to enhance the gross and fine motor skills of our preschool dancers. These classes also encourage social development, creativity and imagination in your child in a caring, supporting, nurturing environment. Our preschool dancers develop and grow as they learn the basic skills and vocabulary related to dance.


Through our preschool dance programs here at Augusta Youth School of Dance, our little dancers learn age-specific skills, such as pantomiming and creating shapes with their bodies. The skills learned in our preschool dance programs help increase awareness of their bodies while also improving their flexibility. Other skills that are developed and expanded are: emotional development, listening and speaking skills and a feeling of independence. Children also learn things that will help them in a classroom environment, such as following directions, sharing, taking turns, listening and communicating their feeling and their needs in a healthy way.


Because the first lesson is always free at Augusta Youth School of Dance, please call and schedule a class for your preschooler. You will quickly see how much fun your little one will have in our ballet or tap preschool class. We look forward to meeting your child and adding their energy to our preschool program!