We’ll partner with your family to teach your children not only ballet, but useful skills they will carry for life.



Augusta Youth School of Dance offers a variety of children’s dance lessons for kids and preschoolers. In addition to our children’s dance lessons, we also provide a unique outreach program to daycare centers with courses in fitness, tap, and ballet.

The children’s dance lessons offered here at Augusta Youth School of Dance is an excellent way to harness the extra energy – and natural talent – that your child has. Each of our skilled, experienced dance instructors is passionate about teaching children the art of dance.

With the children’s dance lessons offered at our dance studio, your child will not only learn to dance, but they will also learn and demonstrate social skills and discipline that will carry them throughout their life.

Involving dance and the arts as part of your child’s experience is as important as scholarly pursuits. Dance is an important part of your child’s growth, creative expression and self-esteem. Through dancing, children learn things like who they are and how to interact with others. These elements are taught through dance in creative and unique ways, and this allows children to feel, move and think simultaneously. In dancing, children are comfortable communicating and expressing themselves through movement, which is a very natural way for children to express themselves. Dance also allows children to learn important skills like improvisational skills, focus and teamwork. As children participate in dance classes, they are given opportunities for creative decision making. This helps not only their self-esteem but also promotes thinking independently. Dancing also promotes the development of concentration, self-control, observation and perception.

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Want to enroll your preschooler in one of our dance classes? We offer ballet and tap dance classes for little ones where they will have fun learning through activities, songs filled with dance terminology, and props such as magic wands, canes, umbrellas for ballet, hats, pom-poms, tambourines, maracas for tap and tiaras and tutus. Preschoolers also have the opportunity to participate in our Spring Recital.

Dance Parade Day: It’s time to dress up and have some fun! Dance Parade Day is a fun way to help our young dancers build their self-confidence and tap into their creative side.

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Ballet classes are offered to children ages 6 and up. We’ll introduce them to classical barre work, positions and center floor techniques. Ballet is a wonderful form of dance that covers a variety of areas including discipline, grace, poise, and posture. From movements to turns and jumps, your child will find ballet to be a blissful and everlasting experience.

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Our tap dancing lessons are offered to children ages 6 and older. Barre work and center floor are covered in these classes along with basic steps and routine combinations. We’ll implement tap steps and combinations that are most suitable for the level of the class. Tap away with us at Augusta Youth School of Dance!

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Our fun jazz lessons here at Augusta Youth School of Dance are designed for children ages 7 and up. In our jazz dance classes, children increase their dance progress while learning with upbeat, fun music. Our classes are quite sassy and jazzy and are just perfect for children who are looking for more fast-paced fun. In the jazz dance classes, our students learn twists, turns, steps and specially choreographed dance routines for our May recital.

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The hip hop classes at Augusta Youth School of Dance are designed for children ages 8 and up. In our hip hop classes, as in the jazz dance classes, children increase their dance progress while learning hip hop dance routines set to fun, upbeat music. The hip hop classes are perfect for kids who are looking for fast-paced fun. In our hip hop classes, our dancers learn specially choreographed dances for our annual May recital.

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